CL09 Day 2

As there’s very little time between now and when Crewe Live kicks off again tomorrow, and as I’m old and decrepit and need my sleep, I can only produce a summary of this evening; I’ll go into much more detail when it’s all over and I’ve recovered from the strain!

I started off at The Waldron to see The Wash, but unfortunately they failed to show up leaving (as far as I could gather) their lead vocalist to improvise an acoustic set.  Under the circumstances he acquitted himself well, but the short notice, late start, and minor technical glitches all conspired against him.

Next, Square One for Highwired and To The Bones.  Highwired were an unpreposessing looking bunch, but their semi-acoustic set was a joy to behold; catchy tunes, impressive vocal harmonisation, and surprising presence made it easy to forget that you were just watching a couple of guys in flannel shirts sitting on stools.

To The Bones couldn’t have been more different; NME has described them as a ‘histrionic slab of exhilarating white-hot squall’, which does a pretty good job of describing the aural onslaught.  They were a little cramped by the small stage in Square One, but still managed to demonstrate great stage presence.

From there proceedings moved to The Box (as full as I’ve ever seen it) for Friend Called Fred, Sgt. Wolfbanger, and Sad Day For Puppets.  Fred had a good line in indie rock and got the crowd up and jumping, and Sgt. Wolfbanger followed in a similar vein albeit with a more polished and crafted performance.  Puppets rounded the night off in that understated but powerful way that the Swedish do so well, with the blistering guitars perfectly balanced with the dulcet tones of the beautiful Anna Eklund.

More details, pictures, and other excitement from the festival coming soon.  Right now, man need sleep…


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