CL09 Day 3

Another quick summary before heading out again!

In what’s becoming something of a theme this weekend Autumn Fall performed an unexpectedly acoustic set; unfortunately this was only their second gig so the extra pressure got to the singer and the performance imploded half way through.  I felt sorry for her, and they’d done a good job under the circumstances, so hopefully they’ll be back.

Friday’s Last Kiss were yet another creditable indie band, but with the lack of a real stage at Bar 22 it’s hard to judge whether, under better circumstances, they might have given a more inspired performance. Tell the King continued the trend of missing members, and as there’s only so much “unplugged” indie I can take in a short space of time it would be unfair for me to judge.

I’d been looking forward to James and the Giant, and they didn’t disappoint; I’d tip them as a good bet for success in the very near future, with some well-crafted and catchy tunes (I’m still humming “Ordinary” to myself) that are set to make the foundation of something rather special. (Plus they’re nice guys, which is always a bonus.)

The Lockdown once again hit the limitations of the space in Bar 22; a great combination of fuzzy guitars and electro-synth, but with the keyboard player having to practically stand in the toilets their performance was obviously going to be less than ideal.

The closing acts at The Box once again provided a rousing end to the day; the place was packed, and the Sumo Kings and Bleached Wail warmed the crowd up with a couple of high-energy performances before making way for what, for me, has been the highlight so far: Ipso Facto — noisy, dirty, and powerful, but with a range that belies their minimal 3-piece setup, they delivered an electric performance that took me back to the heady days of seeing Babes in Toyland or L7 play in some dingy basement dive that somehow felt like a stadium.

As ever, more to come later.  Unto the fray!


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