Review: Ipso Facto (The Box, 23-May-2009)

Ipso FactoOk, I’ll get it out of the way right from the off. They are a band. The members are all female. But, Mr Smarmy-Pants NME, this does not make them a “girl group”. When your illustrious predecessors described Joy Division did they refer to them as a “boy group”? No. Sure, the fact that they’re female in a traditionally male-dominated genre does give their music a different sensibility, but it is not their sine qua non.

Now that’s out of my system I’ll begin…

Ipso FactoPlaying to a packed and already-sweaty crowd at The Box, Ipso Facto once again showed that looks can be deceiving; under the Mary Quant meets Wednesday Adams stylings lies a raw garage-cum-goth sound tinged with a hint of psychedelia, perhaps an inheritance from bass player Samantha’s father, the Animals’ legendary guitarist Hilton Valentine.

The bombastic drums of Victoria Smith provided a relentless backdrop for the organ-pummeling bass, both then kept in check and prevented from running riot by the swooping vocals of Rosalie Cunningham. At times upbeat, at others just plain old down n’ dirty, but never conventional, they provided a set that put a fantastic end to what had already been a day to remember.

All in all, despite the loss of keyboard player Cherish Kaya earlier this year, Ipso Facto have, ipso facto, lost little of their magic, and prove that you don’t have to be a man to have balls.


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