Review: Cat FM (JatG, Firejar, Chloë; M Club 30-05-2009)

Cat FM are taking a break from broadcasting, but to celebrate their successful run and to raise funds to keep going they invited some local acts to put on a show; there were a couple of last minute line-up changes, but it still turned out to be a great night.

First up were James and the Giant, or rather Dayve Dean and the No-One Else — the rest of the band couldn’t make it so he performed an acoustic version of their usual set list.  While it didn’t have the punch of the full lineup the songs still sounded great — a testament to their ear for a tune — and Dayve acquitted himself admirably despite looking a little lost on the M Club’s large stage.  (Given that the first time I saw them they were sans drummer I’m curious how many other lineup variations will surface; I’ll do my best to collect the set.)

After a short interval the stage was taken by Firejar, something of a surprise as I was expecting Friend Called Fred.  Still, I missed the acoustic duo during the festival, so I was glad to get a chance to catch them tonight; they combined ringing guitar and vocals that range from powerful to plaintive to produce a larger-than-life sound that filled the stage, and I was particularly taken by the cover of Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So — they gave it a blues/folk spin which turned it into quite a different song.

Last up on stage was Chloë who brought the house down with a storming performance of pop-tinged rock; her voice is incredible, with a range, power, and passion that soared above the driving rythm of her backing band, and she left no-one in doubt that she’s doing what she was born to do — rock!  Belting out a string of original tracks, all of which could become instant classics, the four-piece band put on one hell of a show and by all rights should be taking the world by storm right now.


1 Response to “Review: Cat FM (JatG, Firejar, Chloë; M Club 30-05-2009)”

  1. May 31, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Nice write-up and photos, Mat! Enjoyed the evening and thought the bands were great – particularly Chloe, whom I had not seen before but was impressed by. Thought Dayve did well with his acoustic set and enjoyed Firejar’s covers of The Zutons and Portishead.

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