Seems like there’s been a monumental breakdown in communication — what the bouncer told me when he refused to let me in was, apparently, not the message that should have been delivered, and while I’m still a little unclear on what’s actually going on I’d like to apologise to anyone I may have offended. At the time I wrote it, though, they were all reasonable assumptions based on what I’d been told when I tried to go in. Here’s hoping it gets sorted out soon…

Update: I won’t go into the sordid details but I think I’ve pieced together most of the story, and barring some wrangling over finer points I think we can move on and file it under just one of those things; the whole sorry affair could have easily been avoided if those involved had taken the time to talk to me (that’s what the contact page is for, people) rather than taking drastic measures but there’s no mileage to be gained from pointing fingers. I’m sure there’s some sort of moral to the story, but finding it is left as an exercise for the reader!

I’ve just got back from the Box after being told I’m no longer allowed in there with a camera.  Considering the fact that I provide them with free publicity, probably spend more time there than anyone other than employees, pay to attend with my own money, and throw away more money than I ought to on beer whilst I’m there, I’m somewhat at a loss to explain this recent turn of events.  I guess I’ll just be spending more time at the Limey now…


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