Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival/Limey Surprise

Although it’s not actually in Crewe I thought it was worth mentioning in passing, mostly because of the presence of a few Crewe-based bands on the lineup.  I have little interest in folk music (Nick Drake and Pentangle are about all I can manage) and even less interest in boats (or at least those of the narrow persuasion), but the boats were easy enough to ignore and there seemed to be a fairly liberal interpretation of the folk genre.  Of particular interest was Chloë at the Big Lock who yet again played a blinder; the 150+ strong crowd that had gathered along the canal banks certainly seemed impressed and the people who approached the band afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it covered almost every possible demographic — their sound has pretty much universal appeal and if they continue their aggressive schedule of appearances there’s every reason to expect big things!

I should also mention the unadvertised gig at the Limey which, bizarrely, had drawn a larger crowd than the previous two gigs I’ve seen there.  Having already been on my feet (and on the beer) all day and with some personal matters intervening, I didn’t catch enough of it to say much about it other than it shows that the venue does still have a following, and that it wouldn’t take much to bring it back to its former glory…


1 Response to “Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival/Limey Surprise”

  1. 1 Lee
    June 23, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    Hi Mat. Who were the band on at the Limelight? It was originally advertised as a Simple Minds tribute.

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