Foulplay (Imp, 25-Jul-09)

I’ll start by dealing with the tragic and saddening news of the death of someone who, while appearing a little bizarre on the surface, touched all our lives. Yes, Jeff Goldblum has passed away…

Right, now that’s out of the way, on to Foulplay.  They’re a band with a lot of history, but in their current incarnation they’ve had about a week’s practice after an extended absence and to be honest the phrase "poorly rehearsed covers band" is hardly something that inspires confidence.  However, with a combination of experience, musicianship, and luck they pulled it off and gave the patrons of the Imp an entertaining show that made up with enthusiasm what it may have lacked in polish.  It’s not very often you’ll hear Adam and the Ants, The Vapors, Elvises Presley and Costello, and Oasis lumped together, but they were all delivered with gusto and even induced some dancing from the crowd.  Their encore was interrupted by the news that some whacked out nutjob had died, but even that didn’t dampen the atmosphere and even when they ran out of material the audience clamoured for them to play something again.

In other news, early reports from the Box were that it was a good night — Sumo Kings and Bleached Wail are usually a good bet — and there are some developments at the Limey that could see it back on its feet again soon (more on that when I can confirm or disconfirm the news).

(Pre-emptive apology: it’s rarely good news when someone dies and I’m sure the passing of Jacko will upset a great many people, so if my implication that he was anything other than a perfectly sane and balanced individual causes offense then I’m sorry.)


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