Seriously… (Updated x2)

After waiting patiently outside the Box, and apparently being the only person keen to see the gig (I was the alpha and omega of the queue), yet again I was denied entry if I intended on publicising it afterwards. Perhaps I took a different economics course than the owner of the Box, but to me "paying customer providing free advertising" is better than "turning away a paying customer and making them anithetical towards you". Perhaps there’s a good reason why they’re the only venue who views my endeavours as anything other than a positive thing, but I’m damned if I can work out what it might be.

As a result of this and the still-ludicrous weather my review of the things I did go and see will have to wait, but until some sort of explanation is forthcoming all I can say is that there’s some seriously fucked up shit going on at the Box.

Update: Received this email this morning:

Mat …. I`m Ray …the elusive owner of the BOX …. come and see me & we can sort out everything … those who know me ,…will tell you I don`t get involved in the booking of Indie bands I tend to leave it to those who know the current movement and shape of the scene. All i want is a venue which caters for all types of music and associated art. The venue has cost a fortune to build and is expensive to operate… In time I know it will be a success… but it does depend on finding the correct formula…and advertising , promoting etc. there is a place for the blog all we need to do is talk and sort it … ring me, come and enjoy a beer and well go forward together ,,,Ray ( feel free to publish my response)

Really hope this can be resolved by Wednesday — it’d be a bugger to miss Warrior Soul after all these years of waiting!

Update 2: Had a chat with Ray; nice bloke, and everything’s all sorted out.¬† Warrior Soul, here I come!


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