Echobelly + Support (Box, 11-Jul-2009)

Having not had much luck catching James and the Giant with a full lineup in the past, it was good to finally get to see them all in one place. Opening with the far-too-catchy Ordinary (every time I hear it it gets stuck in my head for hours) they ran through an abridged version of their full set, skipping a couple of covers but including the favourites Just Like Jimmy Did and Starting Line to general appreciation from the audience.

Silvertone Prophet Deluxe took the stage next and were something of a pleasant surprise, belting out a selection of powerful original trad-punk numbers; loud without being noisy, and with the vocalist’s staccato delivery harking back to the days when Bob Geldof was famous for something other than Live Aid and Peaches, this was a performance well worth watching. They play fairly regularly around and about, and are definitely worth a second (or third) look!

The final support act, Cutout Dreamers, returned to familiar indie territory, but avoided blending into the mass of the countless others by pitching everything at speed with a selection of 90-second concoctions of jangling chords, syncopated drums, and popping bass; while I won’t go so far as to proclaim them the saviours of indie night, they do at least make a change from the norm.

Echobelly’s minimal acoustic lineup (singer Sonya Madan and guitarist Glenn Johansson) proved you don’t need to run around the stage or make a lot of noise to captivate an audience, and their understated and beautiful rendition of 90s classics Good Things and Dark Therapy literally made my hair stand on end. In addition to the more instantly recognisable songs they performed a few new pieces, and went down a storm with the crowd. It seems acts like this attract a wider audience (although sadly not a larger one) than the usual offerings, so if the Box can continue to book acts of this calibre and put a bit less emphasis on nights full of dime-a-dozen indie kids hopefully the numbers will build.

(Usual techincal difficulties abound; more pictures to come.)


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