Right, listen up…

As I’ve had a few complaints recently (publicly via the comments, and privately via email) I thought I’d clear up a few things:

  • Everything here is my opinion; as such you’re free to disagree with it, but by the very nature of opinions they cannot be wrong so there’s little point emailing me and calling me all sorts of names.
  • If you do want to disagree with something I’ve said then by all means do so, but do it in a constructive fashion — calling me names or slinging insults a) makes you look stupid, b) pretty much invalidates any genuine point you may have, and c) is just plain rude.
  • Like everyone else I have personal tastes, and this will obviously have an effect on how much I enjoy any given gig. I always try to make any such bias clear, though, so it should be easy for anyone to take this into account when forming their own opinion based on what I’ve written.
  • If I don’t like something, I’m going to say so; what would be the point of anyone reviewing anything if they weren’t permitted to give their honest opinion? If every review I wrote was positive then I’d be lying from time to time, at which point it’s difficult to trust anything I write — how do you separate the “positive because I liked it” and “positive because I’m lying” reviews?
  • I’m not just some random guy with a big mouth, and I’ve been involved in live music (both as a performer and behind the scenes) for more years than I care to remember, but to some extent I’m not sure why this is important.
  • Just in case it wasn’t clear I’ll reiterate: this is my opinion. I will do my best to avoid being rude, I will try and keep any criticism polite and constructive, and I do not expect everyone to think the same way I do, but if you want to disagree then please try and hold yourself to the same standards.

Ok, you can go now.


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