As I suspected rain aplenty was one of the overwhelming features of Whatfest, turning a large portion of the site into a sitcky mire.  It didn’t quite plumb the depths of Glastonbury or Reading in their damper years, but by Sunday morning many revellers had thrown in the towel and beat a hasty retreat or migrated to the marquee stage in an attempt to keep dry and relatively mud-free.  This was only its second year, but it’s shaping up to be a pretty solid event — while it’s not big enough to pull in big-name acts there were still a few familiar names on the bill, and the relative lack of scale adds to the appeal; the bigger festivals are, I think, getting too big (and too expensive) and they’ve lost a lot of their charm.

Of course the main reason I was there was Chloë’s appearance on the main stage on Sunday, and the hardy souls who braved the weather were treated to another outstanding performance from the hard-working Crewe four-piece, who continue apace with their quest for world domination.  With some great songwriting behind them they’re rocky enough for rock fans and poppy enough for pop fans, and it’s all held together with Chloë’s phenomenal voice; I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s seen them perform and not been immediately taken.

They do have their detractors — every time Jules mentions them a fight breaks out — but having seen them several times I think the music speaks for itself, so do yourselves a favour, check out the gig guide on their website and go and watch them play!

After the gig a not inconsiderable quantity of beer was consumed, then a few of us staggered to the Box to watch UK Subs cause mayhem so once I’ve nursed my hangover into submission I’ll get round to doing a write-up…


1 Response to “Chloë/Whatfest”

  1. July 21, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    i wouldn’t have thought that i would like chloe’s music, but i really do! guess it’s a case of talent and energy winning out.

    not everyone else has to like them, there are 1,000,001 other bands to enjoy as well.

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