Review: Studio Promo (The Box, 16-Sep-09)

Due to some fire safety related shenanigans at the M Club, Studio Promo made a last minute move to the Box and I have to say it worked a lot better — although there were fewer people there due to the last minute change, the smaller capacity of the Box eliminated the M Club’s "if there are fewer than 200 people in attendance the place looks deserted" problems.

Musically this was also a step up from previous events; opening act Autumn Fall may have had a short career and ditched their female vocalist, but their second-to-last show went down pretty well. They don’t have much to set them apart from the rest of the herd, granted, but they’ve come a long way since I saw them earlier this year.

Next up were Smudge; due to some personnel problems they had to play as an impromptu acoustic duo, but despite a lack of preparation the pair gave a great performance.  Never having heard them as a full band I obviously can’t draw any comparisons, but based on this low-key outing they certainly deserve further inspection.

I, Said the Spy were a little more polished but otherwise much the same as at their previous Studio outing back in July, and they have a pretty good sized loyal and exuberant fanbase — I’m too old and frail to get involved in the moshpit these days, but the crowd weren’t shy about starting a small barely-contained riot.

Finally it was the turn of Mexicofallz with a heady blend of chirpy electronic bleeps, frenzied guitars, and eardrum-shattering vocals formed the backdrop for their superb high-energy set; like a slightly less angry version of Future of the Left, the trod a finely tuned line between melody and noise yet maintained a surprisingly upbeat feel throughout.  Definitely one to watch out for!

My source at the M is confident that it’ll be back to business as usual for this week, but it may be worth making sure before heading out…


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