Review: Doll and the Kicks + Support (The Box, 24 Sep 09)

(Due to some gentle prodding I’ll post the words now and update with pictures later.)

Another James and the Giant gig, another variation on the lineup — only a couple more and I’ll have collected the set! Despite a few moments where it was obvious they hadn’t quite worked out what to do to compensate for the loss of Steve on guitar it was another solid performance, the weak points being well covered by the well-crafted tunes — "Ordinary" still stands out to me as a great example of a disturbingly catchy number.

Following them were Hi Alert! with a slice of decent heavy blues-tinged rock delivered with exuberance; think Kings of Leon (back when they were good) or Paw and you’ll get a pretty good picture of their sound. (Can you get a picture of sound? Pedantic ed.) The final support act, The Academics, gave a solid performance and sounded a little like The Kooks, but on the whole they were another entry in a long line of almost indistinguishable indie kids.

With three good support acts to compete with, Doll and the Kicks still managed to steal the sow; lead singer Doll has been compared with Kate Bush and Gwen Stefani, and with good reason — her vocals have the mild eccentricity of the former combined with the power of the latter and the whole thing was held together by some irresistible indie pop tunes; they’re not perhaps destined for greatness, but they certainly deserve wide exposure. (I’ve got a signed CD to give away, details to follow.)


1 Response to “Review: Doll and the Kicks + Support (The Box, 24 Sep 09)”

  1. October 3, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    As an unreconstructed old progger I’m happy to hear someone is still keeping the faith. I’ll try nad get to one of these gigs one day. I’ll be the guy in the corner with his zimmer frame for company 😉

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