Review: Foul Play

Hi All,

New reporter Mhairi here. As Mat said, I’ll be helping out, making sure there’s regularly something good to read here. Look out for new features in addition to gig reviews: CD competitions and CD reviews for starters.

Saturday 19th – Foul Play – The Express

You’ll never see Martha & the Muffins, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Adam & the Ants plus The Buggles playing on the one night in Crewe. But if you’d seen Foul Play at The Express in Mill Street last Saturday night, covering all of the above, you wouldn’t have been disappointed.

The packed pub definitely enjoyed covers of Echo Beach, Just Can’t Get Enough, Suffragette City, Ant Music, Video Killed the Radio Star and more.

Foul Play are a four-piece and while they are a cover band, they’re not like any cover band I’ve seen before. They played a diverse selection of interesting tunes from the 80s and late 70s, all delivered with gusto and a great sense of fun.

This band is a human retro jukebox, delivering a stream of leftfield classics and post-punk favourites. They definitely put their own stamp on the songs played and were a good-time Saturday night booking.

Foul Play followed the England-USA World Cup game, but managed to hold their own with the lively post-match crowd, to deliver retro-tastic new-wave, and interesting 1970s, covers. And by the way, Lee, the main singer, does a pretty mean Vegas Elvis.


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