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write for crewemusic and win a prize

I’m going to be away this weekend, which is a shame as Foul Play are on, as are Genda, Brunswick Booze Band, The Wash, The Way and Feeling the Pinch – just to mention a few.

So, why don’t you jot down a few thoughts while you’re watching a band anytime between Thurs 22nd and Sun 25th – and I’ll post them here on my return. There’ll be prizes for the best five, but everyone is welcome.

Please email your submission to accurate at easy dot com (just turn that back into proper email address format!) Don’t forget to include the band and venue names, plus your name & address (for mailing the prize.)

To make things a little easier, the band can be playing anywhere in Cheshire/Merseyside/Manchester – and if you’re in a band, you can review yourself…just this once!


review: the electric kools

The weekend just gone was particularly rich in music and I was so looking forward to bringing you reviews of the Electric Kools, the Troops of Mafeking, the Grand and Doves…but I was still ill, so no luck I’m afraid.

However, here’s an edited version of an Electric Kools review I published a few months back:

They opened with strong, strung-out chords which immediately demanded attention and their musical recipe includes three grams of 1960s and a tab of psychedelia – all good stuff.

The drums, bass and guitar come together well, creating a cohesive sound. Extracting sitar-like noises from the guitars, while remaining fast and rocky they create a drawn-out and spacey soundscape, akin to late-era Beatles or perhaps Kula Shaker. Occasional use of effects on the vocals contributes to the heard-from-a-distance, trippy sound.

Late-on in the set, another influence appears, with the vocals referencing South Asian music…I can’t quite pin it down, but I’m thinking classical Indian chanting by way of 1960s Bollywood soundtrack. The singer has a Roger Daltrey circa 1968 haircut, always good to see a bit of classic retro.


the grand – cd review

Recovering from ‘flu, so no live music for me. Instead, a CD review:

A few weeks back at the headKASE festival, I saw the excellent Chiléan indie group The Grand. I obtained a copy of their first EP (also called The Grand, as far as I can tell).

Loverevo: probably my favourite track, reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand, a mid-tempo, guitarry paeon to love’n’lust.

Kiss You: roller-coastering through emotions, a genuine musing on  yearning.

Come Now: a slower-tempo take on loss and separation, touching.

Janet Brunette: a pop-art, catchy tune with a Beatles-esque feel and darker undertones in the lyrics.

Let’s Keep it Physical: an energetic, drum-fuelled track, an emphatic full stop which left me wanting more.

Five upbeat, accessible indie tracks, in fact a great summer-time listen, definitely worth getting a copy.

Their second EP is out now, I’ll be reviewing it soon.

Check them out on MySpace.


The Start (The Earl, 3rd July ’10)

After swearing-off cover bands, I’m having to eat my words. First Foul Play and now The Start are challenging my prejudice by turning out to be really rather good.

The Start cover interesting 80s/70s/60s acts like The Clash, Bowie and The Who – as well as more recent, quality bands like The White Stripes. They do it very well too, adapting the vocals to the different style of songs.

Hear them for yourself via their myspace page.


All this hot weather…

…means I’ve not been near a dark’n’heaving music pub! So here’s a couple of reviews from the recent headKASE festival, held right here in Crewe, featuring a Stoke band and one from Alsager:

The Troops of Mafeking were their gnarly, passionate, fun selves. Clearly relishing playing to their growing fanbase, their traditional line-up delivers innovative song-writing. Give It Up is my favourite of their set.

Bleached Wail were outstanding. Their vocals often follow a raucous, bluesy, ‘call and response’ pattern, with heartfelt and personal lyrics. Just like The Troops, they obviously enjoy what they do, Bleached Wail give their absolute all to an audience. And way to reverb The Pink Panther!

Coming attractions

I’m going to be interviewing a local, indie DJ, so you can look forward to hot tips on the newest great bands. Plus further CD reviews to come, perhaps even further CDs to win.

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