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Free gig: Sumo Kings’ new line-up

The new three-piece, synthy, Sumo Kings are playing a gig on Friday 29th October. (For a review, here’s one I wrote earlier.)

They will be at Beat Route, Congleton, 7.30-11.30pm.

OK, not strictly Crewe – so sue me!


Boxjam line-up

Boxjam is close now, on Sunday 24th, so I thought you might like the line-up. Remember, it’s all about raising funds for Oxfam’s work to overcome poverty and suffering.

Acoustic Stage:

 Dayve Dean  Tom Christie  Richard Ault  Phil Maddocks  Prad  James Farmer  The Valentines  Rich House  FireJar  Martyn Grey & Alex  Jon Tarplee  Ian Scanlan  Scott D Thompson  6 Million Dogs  Adam Ward & Nathan Moore  Harry & Trev  Emm Louise

Electric Stage:

 Mark of a Thousand Evils  Stereo Espionage  Blue Grenade  Kill The Doctor  Tom Seals  Blueyellows  Photo Booth Smile  Longshanks  Flux  Junker


 Bellydance Performance  Boxjam II Double CD  Stalls from the Oxfam Shop

Doors open at 12pm. Entry: Tickets £3.
Venue: The Box, Crewe & Bar 7, Crewe (Pedley Street, Crewe)

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