Boxjam line-up

Boxjam is close now, on Sunday 24th, so I thought you might like the line-up. Remember, it’s all about raising funds for Oxfam’s work to overcome poverty and suffering.

Acoustic Stage:

 Dayve Dean  Tom Christie  Richard Ault  Phil Maddocks  Prad  James Farmer  The Valentines  Rich House  FireJar  Martyn Grey & Alex  Jon Tarplee  Ian Scanlan  Scott D Thompson  6 Million Dogs  Adam Ward & Nathan Moore  Harry & Trev  Emm Louise

Electric Stage:

 Mark of a Thousand Evils  Stereo Espionage  Blue Grenade  Kill The Doctor  Tom Seals  Blueyellows  Photo Booth Smile  Longshanks  Flux  Junker


 Bellydance Performance  Boxjam II Double CD  Stalls from the Oxfam Shop

Doors open at 12pm. Entry: Tickets £3.
Venue: The Box, Crewe & Bar 7, Crewe (Pedley Street, Crewe)

2 Responses to “Boxjam line-up”

  1. 1 Mat
    October 26, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Just like to thank everyone who gave their time to perform, everyone who helped us put it all together, and of course everyone who came along on the day. We were aiming for £300, and in the end we raised over £600!

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