By Mat

Crewe may be something of a cultural wasteland, but thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated people it’s developing a burgeoning live music scene, not only showcasing the talents of up-and-coming local bands but also bringing us some big name acts.  While we can’t hope to cover every event we’ll do our best to bring you coverage of what’s going on, in and around town, along with band interviews, previews of coming attractions, and anything else that seems to fit.

Unless otherwise noted, all text and images are released under a Creative Commons non-commercial attribution sharealike license; if you want to use it in a manner not covered by the license or are unsure whether your use qualifies, get in touch.

Also, the usual disclaimer applies: everything here is our opinions, and indicates no specific endorsement or affiliation with any of the individuals or organisations mentioned. Gig listings are assumed to be correct at time of going to press but are based on information supplied by third parties, so I’d advise checking with the venue to make sure.


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