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dayve dean – octagon

I’d like to be upfront with you, I’m a fan of Dayve Dean’s music, nevertheless, this will be an objective review. Well of course nothing about music is objective, but I’ll do my best. Having said that, what’s the betting this review reveals more about me than the album?

Octagon is an 11-track album, populated by songs of raw emotion: sometimes hope, sometimes disillusionment. It’s acoustic, accessible indie, eminently hum-able, with intelligent lyrics.

Follow is the first of two tracks with Thea Gilmore and is an acceptance of reality, with a wistful pinch of wondering what might have been. I Could be Happy with You recognises that we go into relationships with good intentions, but can’t always live up to them, sometimes hurting others in our blundering.

I Can’t go Back to the Starting Line sees our hero caught in a Catch-22, a loop of unhappiness with the present, but feeling an uncertain future is too much to contemplate. Don’t get me wrong, while the album’s lyrics are deep, the music is upbeat and very toe-tapping. I’m a northern soul fan and this is an experience I’m used to!

Lizard Skin (also with Thea Gilmore’s lovely voice), is an evocative metaphor for the disposability of people and relationships. I’m always cheered to hear this song, as it marks the start of Octagon’s protagonist deciding to move forward. Tell You is a step in a different direction, both musically and lyrically, very pared down and edging into blues territory.

This album bristles with good songs, my favourite of which is Don’t Want to Be That Man Anymore. I’m guessing many of us can relate to this one – being sad over a break-up and getting to the point of being sick of feeling so sad. Like Jimmy Did is a lovely take on hero worship and the search for the right way to live life.

Waters. I’m not sure what to say about this, mainly because I think it’s beyond me! I get the sense of someone leaping before they look, that’s all I can tell you, other than the piano is particularly lovely. Another Christmas is also hidden from me, but I like that, how boring it would be to understand everything straight away. It still has a good tune though!

Ride, a guitar-driven song, talks about the tension between the need for freedom and the need for closeness. Ordinary is the one that makes me smile the most. I grin at the lyrical gymnastics of the chorus, the Cole Porter-ish rhymes delight me every time.

I’m always moved when a person remains a romantic in the face of disillusionment or sadness – and the protagonist of Octagon is a realist-romantic. Long live romance.

STOP PRESS: If I’ve whetted your appetite for Dayve’s music, he’s just announced that three of you can win your very own copy. To get listening to Octagon, just email your postal address to me, Mhairi: accurate at easy dot com


Sumo Kings CD competition

Sumo Kings photo

© Sumo Kings

I didn’t get to hear any live music this weekend – instead, here’s a chance to win some Crewe music on CD.

It’s the Sumo King’s latest EP, Girl in a Turquoise Dress. Three of you will win a copy just by telling me what the Sumo Kings’ original name was. (If you want a hint, take a look at

To enter, email Crewe Music Towers by putting your name, email address, postal address and your answer, in the boxes below, and clicking submit. You won’t get any spam, just the full-on Sumo Kings sound.


I Know You’re Out There…

While I can make no claims that CM is the most popular site in the universe there are a couple of hundred people dropping by here, so I find it hard to believe that out of that lot there’s no-one who went to the Box or Limelight on Thursday or Friday and who could spare 10 minutes to write something about it.  Maybe you’re all shy?  Anyway, as a result of the underwhelming response I’ll extend the deadline until Wednesday.  Don’t worry if you can’t spell or don’t know your gerund from your hypotaxis, just mash the keyboard and see what comes out!


Competition Time!

Due to some bad planning on my part, before I started this blog I’d already made some commitments and I’ve been unable to reschedule so I’ve decided to turn my idiocy into your good fortune.  Submit a review of Thursday 28th or Friday 29th’s gigs at The Box or The Limelight, and two lucky winners will receive a “fabulous” prize; not only will your review be posted here in all its glory, I’ll also provide admission to any Friday gig of your choice at The Box during June.

Just email your reviews to the address on the contact page with the subject “Box Competition” to reach my inbox by midday on Monday 1st June, and I’ll post the winning entries on Tuesday; how long you make it is up to you, and if you have photos to include please resize them to something manageable before emailing them.  Bribes won’t improve your chances, but you’re welcome to try anyway…

Usual generic competition rules apply: the judge’s decision (i.e. mine) is final, no correspondence will be entered into, I accept no responsibility for delayed or undelivered emails, entry to The Box is subject to availability and the prizewinner must be old enough to be allowed in in the first place, no cash alternative is available; to cut a long story short, if I like your review I’ll meet you outside The Box on the Friday of your choice during June and pay for you to get in, and that’s all there is to it.

(Update: Clarified post to make it clear I meant this Thursday or Friday!)

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