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Acoustic Addiction – Thursday 28th July

Angry Badgers host their next acoustic evening at The Imp in Crewe on Thursday 28th July.

Acoustic Addiction #10 features New Romantics, an upcoming band who have already made a big splash on the local scene.

They bring an edgy mix of dance rhythms, catchy choruses and booming breakdowns to their own British, indie sound and passionate, energetic live show.

Acoustic Addiction is a FREE gig and the show starts at 9pm.
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Final Sumo Kings gig

The Sumo Kings were never off local music stages in 2008 and 2009 but follwing quieter times, have sadly decided to call it a day.

Chris Farrington (bass guitar/vocals), Steve Foster (guitar/laptop) and Jamie Oliver (drums) will make their final appearance at Square One in Mill Street, Crewe.

Also playing on the night, are Inuendo, Blunderbuss Benefit. Plus former manager, Richard Barclay will be DJing under his Rodeo Terrorists guise.

Farrington, 28, said: “We wanted all the people who helped us out over the years to be involved in this.

It had been hoped that former bassist Adam Davies would make a come-back for the farewell but Blunderbuss’ Sam Boulton will fill on bass duties on some of the older tunes.

For more information, call 07515 821694 or email


Acoustic Addiction – Thurs 19th May – BlueYellows

Acoustic Addiction No. 5 features The BlueYellows.

They’re a 4-piece band from Sandbach, who create original music which is intense, melancholic, uplifting, quirky, passionate and unique. With influences as diverse folk, metal, funk and grunge, the band have no interest in following the path or style of others, even if they stand on the shoulders of those bands and artists they love.

Compared with bands as diverse as The Pixies, The Dandy Warhols, Arcade Fire and James, their sound has been described as grunge/folk which is perhaps a reasonable pigeonhole when labels are unavoidable. 

This is a free gig, starting at 9pm.

 In association with Angry Badgers Creative Solutions


Jason Johnston to play the next Acoustic Addiction night

Coming to The Imp, Edleston Road,  Crewe on Thursday 21st April:

This third Acoustic Addiction gig features the fabulous Stalybridge-based singer/songwriter Jason Johnston.  Once described as a male Taylor Swift, with a flavour of Damien Rice and some say a English Dave Matthews Band.

Jason’s new studio album, ‘A Tale of Two Halves‘, is a collection of his new songs which talks about loss, love, life and a observation of the world around him.  It has received rave reviews in the music press, including being rated at 4 out of 5 by Leopold Sprout of ’That New Sound’ magazine who said “Character + individuality + technical ability + charm = Jason Johnson”.

Acoustic Addiction is a FREE gig and it starts at 9pm.


Redshift Radio – radio for Crewe & 10 miles around

Just in case you don’t you know, RedShiftRadio are part-way through their FM trial license.

They have a mix of music and talk shows, ranging from top 40 through indie to the 60s. The talk shows include sport, family stuff, business programmes, charities & community groups and much, much more.

You can find them on 87.7FM for the next three weeks.

And on all year round, but do try the FM broadcast as they’ve got extra stuff and great competitions.


Bleached Wail, Stoke, Fri 15th

Shamelessly lifted from Bleached Wail’s events page on Facebook, but I’m sure they won’t mind:

15 April · 19:30 – 22:30

The Sugarmill

Brunswick Street
Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

More info
Yep yep,

We are back at the Sugarmill for another rare gig. It will be our first gig in Stoke all year, so get down there and show us what what we have been missing.

Tickets are £4 from the band (give us a shout on Facebook) or they available from Music Mania in the arcade in Hanley.

Guests:PROXIES + Sea Based Turtles + Skinless Finger



Tonight – Saturday the 9th – Valve Rider

09 April · 20:00 – 23:00

The Box – Crewe