By Mat

I’d like to be able to personally go to every gig that goes on in Crewe but for a variety of reasons that’s not possible; for a kick-off I’m unable to clone myself at the moment (although CM boffins are working on the technology in a secret basement lab as we speak) so I can only be in one place at a time, but it would also probably end up bankrupting me. (And let’s not forget the fact that I also occasionally need to have a life!) Anyhoo, there are a few things that can be done to save my sanity:

First, for those among you with a literary bent, if you’ve recently been to a gig in Crewe or seen a Crewe-based band play elsewhere and it hasn’t got a mention here why not submit a review? I can’t promise to publish every submission and your reward will most likely be nothing more than my gratitude and your name in lights, but every now and again I’ll be handing out some goodies.

Secondly if you’re a venue, promoter, or band you can help in a couple of ways: firstly, keeping me informed of what you’ve got going on will ensure you get a mention — there’s so much going on, much of it barely publicised, that it’s easy to miss something. Secondly, at the risk of crossing the line between cheeky and downright rude, sticking me on a guest list every now and again will not only mean I’m more likely to be able to attend, it will also keep my bank manager happy. (Actually, screw my bank manager; it’ll keep me happy!)

Finally, and perhaps easiest of all, keep reading and keep leaving feedback; I’m doing this as a labour of love, and it helps to know that someone cares!


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